Latino Rock Stars: Who Are They?

In the same way that you can’t limit urban music to just rap, latino music isn’t just about soaring pop ballads and hot rhythms, there’s also a huge rock component that often goes under the radar. But fear not, because publicizing these rock gods is just what is about to happen, so strap in, steady your gaze, and feast your eyes on the baddest, badass rock stars with a distinctively latino flavor.




What do you get when you blend a synonym for private parts with one of the world’s greatest rock bands? The answer is: Gentallica! This rock band from Monterrey, has been headbanging since 1998 and with album titles such as “Sin Vaselina” (No Vaseline) and the rock opera “Picas o Platicas?” which takes place in Genital Land, these push-the-envelope musicians grab you by the throat, make noise and don’t give a damn if you’re scared by their in-your-face sonic style.