Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez to Release Hit Blasting Donald Trump


When the Song Launches



Lopez’s publicity team has also indicated that the song will have a lot to offer when it comes to doing some good for the community. 100% of the proceeds from the song will go to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, which helps Hispanic and Latino students access college through scholarship programs, and the Mexico-US Solidary Fund, which helps promote human rights on both sides of the US/Mexican border as well as Lopez’s own charity, the Lopez Family Foundation. This certainly isn’t the first time a musician has released a track in order to raise awareness for a cause or a charity and it won’t be the last…

The Lopez Family Foundation is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of women and children around the world. Jennifer Lopez, in tandem with her sister Lynda, launched the charity in response to both the birth of their children and reflections on their childhood.