8 Most Controversial Celebrities


1. Miley Cyrus


She’s gone from innocent little Disney Channel favorite to twerking, bumping, grinding queen of all things racy in less time than it takes to get “Achy Breaky Heart” out of your head. She started her descent into controversy by making a couple dark, racy music videos, getting videotaped smoking something and acting funny at a party, eating an interesting-shaped cake on her birthday, and it all snowballed from there. It looked for a while like the daughter of 90’s country star Billy Ray Cyrus might keep her wild personal life–well, personal, but it all spilled out into the open when Miley started releasing songs with obvious references to Ecstasy and cocaine, dancing with her butt all over Robin Thicke, and hosting the VMA’s wearing the weirdest “clothes” MTV has ever seen.