8 Most Controversial Celebrities

3. Chris Brown


Chris is another one of the most controversial celebrities who has been on our radar screens for a while. He started making music and putting out records when he was only 15, and scored mainstream success with his song “Run It” when he was 16 years old. A kid that young is bound to make some mistakes and kick up some dust, and Chris has been doing some serious dust-kicking since 2005. He seems to have a short fuse and a hot temper, as we saw when he scuffled with Drake and Drake’s crew in a New York nightclub, allegedly over ex-girlfriend Rihanna. To make things worse, Brown posted pics of his busted-up chin on Instagram and made a diss track about Drake weeks later. Those fires had barely calmed down when Chris was arrested for assault in New York for punching two men who wanted to take pictures with Brown. He entered rehab soon after, only to be kicked out for violent behavior. Yikes, Breezy!