The Best Kept Secrets of the Clinton Family

The Clintons are one of the most polarizing political families in U.S. history. Those who love them do so with a fierce loyalty, and those who hate them do so with an aggressive passion that never wanes. No matter how you feel about the Clintons, they are never boring, which is why it’s so interesting to delve into the family’s history to discover what they’ve kept away from the public, and why Bill acts like such a frat boy even now that he’s in his seventies.

1. Bill Clinton Dodged the Draft


Although Clinton continues to claim that he used legal means to avoid the draft, the truth is that during the 1960s when America was embroiled in the Vietnam War, Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford in the UK. When he got his draft notice, Clinton flew back to Arkansas and somehow convinced the Governor to get him into ROTC at the University of Arkansas. Without waiting for approval, he went back to the UK, and basically avoided the draft even though he was supposed to be in the U.S. at the time. Plagued with guilt, he submitted his name again into the mandatory draft and received a high lottery number, which meant he wouldn’t be drafted. He later wrote a letter to the ROTC in which he thanked them for saving him from the draft. Clinton opposed the Vietnam War on moral grounds.