The Best Kept Secrets of the Clinton Family

5. Bill Clinton Was Sued for Harassment


In 1994 a woman named Paula Jones sued President Clinton, claiming that he had exposed himself to her in 1991 in a hotel room in Little Rock when she was a state employee attending a function. Jones kept quiet about the incident, but was moved to sue Clinton when a report emerged in which two Arkansas state troopers admitted to a reporter that they had procured women for Clinton to sleep with during his time as Governor. Jones’ suit combined with the Monica Lewinsky affair caused the Senate to begin impeachment charges against the President. The lawsuit was dismissed because a judge ruled that Jones didn’t show that she had suffered damages, but the appeal went all the way to the Supreme Court, which ruled in 1997 that the lawsuit could go on.  Before the case went to trial, President Clinton settled it for $850,000. So to recap:  a sitting President of the U.S. was sued while in office for harassment and settled the case after his motion for dismissal was appealed to the Supreme Court, which upheld the legitimacy of the lawsuit. And people wonder why the media is in a lather over the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency.