The Hottest Daughters of Politicians

It’s a bit strange to talk about the family of politicians, because unless they do something that directly affects the politician’s ability to govern, their actions don’t really matter. But in the world of pop culture, entertainment and social media, the looks of a politician’s daughter can elevate that person in the public’s eye and provide much sought after publicity. With that in mind, here’s a list of the most
attractive daughters of politicians.

1. Abby Huntsman


Abby Huntsman is the daughter of Jon Huntsman, the former Utah Governor and one-time Republican presidential candidate. It’s pretty easy to see why she tops the list as she combines stunning looks, a trim physique and a girl-next-door vibe if the girl next door happens to have model genes. Abby was most recently a co-host on an MSNBC news show, and lest you guys (and girls) get too excited about your prospects, she is happily married.