7 Affairs Donald Trump Has Had With Mexican Women

It’s noteworthy that Donald Trump likes to bag on the Mexican people so often, given the fact that he has had many Mexicans on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” and often ogled them the same way he ogled the white women on the reality show competition. So when you dig a little into The Donald’s background, you find that perhaps he is hiding some shocking truths about his dalliances with Hispanic women. Maybe that’s why he’s so gung-ho about slamming Mexico these days:  he got burned and dropped by some of the hottest Latinas on the planet. Here’s seven women that Trump romanced undercover.

1. Jennifer Lopez


J-Lo and Trump first met when he was so enamored by the green Versace dress she wore to the 2000 Grammys that you see in this picture above. Who wouldn’t want a piece of this Latin beauty after she rocked this cleavage-bearing, sheer number with such confidence? Trump thought she was Mexican and wanted a sample of something south of the border. It never occurred to him that when he and J-Lo met in Puerto Rico to avoid the press that maybe she wasn’t Mexican. Insiders say that she was so passionate, Trump had to flee her estate and later broke up with her via text, saying she was too much woman for him to handle.