7 Affairs Donald Trump Has Had With Mexican Women

3. Michelle Rodriguez


When he pursued Rodriguez, Trump thought he had finally found a true blue Mexican girl to satisfy his lust for a woman born south of the border. Trump has always liked strong, feisty woman who are tough and can stand up to his nonsense, so hooking up with Rodriguez was a no-brainer. And Rodriguez, who has been known to swing back and forth between girls and guys indulged Trump’s attention without revealing that she was really a mix of Dominican and Puerto Rican, as if Trump would know the difference anyway. The affair ended when Rodriguez beat the snot out of Trump when they vacationed on a yacht, after he accused her of playing ‘kissy face’ with her on/again, off/again girlfriend, Kristanna Loken. Trump declined to press assault charges against Rodriguez, knowing how it would look to the public that he got beat down by a Mexican girl, who is actually from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.