Donald Trump’s Business Failures

While Donald Trump may be aiming to be the president of the United States, he has failed several times in business, whether it was work business, personal, or public relations. Trump Vodka. The Game. Savory steaks. Here are some of Trump’s most infamous business failures throughout the decades.

Trump’s Games

the gameSOURCE

Trump wanted a board game in his name, but he failed to consider if other people wanted the same thing. 11 years ago, Trump released “The Game” the past time focused on the goal of making money, the dice also having a “T” which gave players more money. In the end, the game bombed, a waste of money for Trump and his associates. Trump’s earlier board game that surfaced in the 1980’s never caught on either. The Trump Plaza Casino Atlantic City is another business venture with potential that flopped in the end. Trump, stick to family poker or Blackjack or pull out your Trump card. However, right now, craps seems more like the guy’s style.