The Worst Politician S*x Scandals Ever


We can’t always expect our elected officials (or, in some parts of the world, unelected and stuck with us forever) to be on good behavior all the time. But yet one has to wonder why so many politicians find themselves ensnared in nasty and risqué public scandals. The mind boggles. Here are some of the worst affairs and s*x scandals conducted by politicians.

David Vitter


This Louisianan senator decided to have a little fun while he was in Washington D.C. How he decided to have fun? Why, with high profile call-girls of course. He was ousted when Hustler magazine found his phone number among a list of clients. Vitter, a staunch conservative, had previously rallied against same-sex marriage and promoted abstinence only education, which you’ll notice isn’t exactly advice he heeded.