Weapons That Were Used To Kill Famous People

With all the debate lately about gun-control, now’s a good time to look back in history at some of the weapons that were used to assassinate famous people such as Abraham Lincoln, which helped change the course of history. Some of these weapons are obsolete now, but they remain a stark reminder about how a weapon in the hands of someone who believes in righting wrongs through violence, can alter future events.

1.  The Gun That Killed Lincoln


Everyone knows that John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln in the Ford’s Theatre in Washington D.C., but fewer people know that the gun used to kill him was a single-shot flintlock made by a man who would become famous in Westerns:  Henry Derringer. The Derringer fired a .44 caliber bullet from a barrel that was about 2.5 inches. The gun is housed at the Ford’s Theatre Museum.