Latinos Want Los Angeles To Become The Capitol Of the U.S.

Although Los Angeles is now predominantly Latino, it is not the first time that this has been true. Before European explorers came to the coastal region now known as California, the area was inhabited by various Indian tribes. Since that time, Alta California became part of the Spanish Empire as part of New Spain. Later it became a part of Mexico. It only became a U.S. state when it was ceded from Mexico following the Mexican-American war.


Would Los Angeles Make a Good Capitol?

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It certainly has a lot going for it. It is the most populous city in California and the second largest city in the U.S. It has an inviting, Mediterranean climate, a rich cultural diversity, and is the cultural center for the U.S. entertainment industry.

In comparison with the current capitol of California (let’s work our way up), Los Angeles has many advantages over Sacramento. As a port city with a major international airport, it is much more accessible to foreign and domestic travel than land-locked Sacramento. It also has a more attractive landscape, with gorgeous beach fronts, wooded canyons, and ski-worthy mountains.

In comparison with Washington D.C., Los Angeles is the clear winner. After all, would a foreign dignitary prefer to visit a city hosting the Smithsonian, or the one with Disneyland? And Los Angelinos are already aggressive drivers, so a transition may not be a big shock.