Latino Celebrities With a Political Soul

Rosie Perez

 Rosie Perez trevorSOURCE

Don’t let Rosie Perez’s small frame fool you. She is full of spunk and personality that is much bigger than her physical stature. The outspoken Latina actress has dabbled in many different genres, including television, choreography, Broadway, dancing and more. She currently hosts on The View and recently became the star in a Broadway play called Fish in the Dark.

Perez’s social involvement in AIDS/HIV matters has been spurred on by her own childhood, during which she watched her own mother and several friends suffer from the disease. In 2010, she was sworn into the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA), and has since involved herself wholeheartedly in the fight against the disease. She is also an outspoken activist for Puerto Rican rights and is the star of a documentary called Yo soy Boricua, Pa’que tu lo sepas!, which follows her life of activism.

Perez’s passionate activism got her in trouble back in the year 2,000, when she was arrested following a rally in Manhattan to protest air weapons training and other types of training in Vieques (just off the coast of Puerto Rico). Perez currently serves as the chair for a nonprofit educational organization that is intended to close the achievement gap in education.