Famous People With Fake Latino Names

Strangely, Hollywood sometimes does not consider Latino names bank. In the movie, “The Wedding Planner”, Jennifer Lopez plays an Italian wedding planner. Come on, we know that Jenny From the Block is not Italian. Apparently, Hollywood thought that Latino wasn’t marketable. Hello? Ever heard of Antonio Banderas? How about Ricardo Montalban? Anyway, they got a bit of a clue when Jenny was cast as a Latino in Maid in Manhattan, and she knocked it out of the park (and into the box office!) Surprisingly, some have still not got the memo that being Hispanic is cool. Celebrities have had to respond in kind with fake names. Of course we knew that Pitbull (Armando Christian Perez), Daddy Yankee (Ramon Luis Ayala Rodrigues), and Taboo (Jaime Luis Gomez) must have had different birth names, but here are some celebrities that may surprise you:


Bruno Mars


Peter Gene Hernandez is a famous singer with Puerto Rican origins. Strangely, Bruno Mars also had ethnic problems when he disclosed that his song “Nothin’ on You” was rejected because of his background. He couldn’t believe that he could be rejected when he had such a rainmaker. Bruno lists such influences as Prince and Michael Jackson in the creation of his unique style. It seems almost everyone has a favorite Bruno Mars. One popular choice is the powerful “Locked Out of Heaven.” Apparently, in his choice of “Mars,” it’s easier to be an alien than Latino in the music industry.