Famous People With Fake Latino Names

Raquel Welch


Jo Raquel Tejada, Raquel fans easily found that her real last name was Tejada (translation: Raquel Roof) although a more common name for the stunning actress was “Staquel Welch.” Who knew that cavewomen dressed in such stylish bikinis? (See the original 10,000 B.C.)




Elmer Figueroa Arce romanced Vanessa Williams in “Dance With Me.” Interestingly, he changed his name to be less Latino and more American Indian (another underappreciated background.) However, after the movie, he should have changed his name again after betraying all red-blooded males by fixing Ms. Williams dress as she was about to Samba it free.

Will celebrities continue to manufacture fake Latino names in order to find work? Probably. (Even a celebrity has got to make a living.) In the meantime, we can continue to appreciate Latino celebrities for their rich and passionate background, no matter their sobriquet.