The Power of TELEMUNDO and UNIVISION in the Unites States

How UNIVISION and TELEMUNDO Fare in TV Ratings


Both UNIVISION and TELEMUNDO have proven themselves to be anything but niche networks. Among the weekly primetime averages per network, UNIVISION’s 1.7 rating trails only the Big Four domestic broadcast networks CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX, and not by much. TELEMUNDO sits closely behind at a 0.7 rating. Yet despite their dominance in the ratings, the Big Four do have concerns when it comes to their two Spanish-speaking counterparts. The first is an aging viewership demographic. The median age of the Big Four’s average viewer is 51, almost 12 years older than that of UNIVISION and TELEMUNDO. The second is in live TV viewership, as over 90 percent of UNIVISION and TELEMUNDO’s audiences watches their programming live.


TV Advertising to the Latino Market

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Another aspect of the power that both UNIVISION and TELEMUNDO have in the American TV market is in the advertising potential both networks carry. The financial clout that the American Latino population carries would represent the world’s 12th largest economy were they there own nation. Their total purchasing power is currently estimated to be over $1 trillion.