Can Jennifer Lopez Beat Hillary Clinton in the Upcoming Presidential Election?

2008 saw the historic election of the nation’s first African-American president. Millions took to the polls to participate in what they knew would be a seminal moment in American history. A nation that had shown an increased tendency to be apathetic about the office of President was rejuvenated by the prospect of finally making its own contribution to the evolution of democracy.

The 2016 Presidential election presents another historic opportunity. The momentum established by the election of President Obama can be carried on by electing a woman to the nation’s highest office. Future generations will no doubt look back through the prism of history and see that the reason that it took so long to make this monumental move was that the nation needed to wait for the ideal female candidate. After all, the Brits had their own “Iron Lady”; there has to a one out there ideally suited to become America’s Wonder Woman.


Who Should Be America’s First Female President?


Most have tagged Hillary Clinton to be that woman. Her resume would certainly seem to suggest that she’s up to the task. In fact, oddsmakers currently have her instilled at 6/5 odds to take home the election. However, history has shown us that huge moments require huge action. If Americans truly are ready to usher in a new age of political diversity, why not step to the plate and swing for the fences. It’s time for voters to go big or go home.

Clinton will be formidable opponent in the upcoming election. Those looking for another alternative to become the first female President need a candidate who truly represents the whole package: intelligence, sophistication, style, and savvy. Who could that be? Elizabeth Warren? Kathleen Sebelius? Sarah Palin? Each would make good choices, but no. Your ideal challenger to Hillary Clinton is none other than Jennifer Lopez.