Why you shouldn´t buy an apple watch

Because is not essential


In all honesty you probably already have a watch, and that watch works fine. It does exactly what a watch is supposed to do, which is tell time. Sometimes simple is better, the minute your watch starts doing too much it takes away from it’s true purpose.

An Apple Watch is not essential. It’s not like a regular watch; actually it’s not even a watch it’s your phone’s personal assistant that you wear on your wrist. It takes more than three hours to learn how to use this so-called “smart watch. “If it were so smart it would have more respect for my time and know that I really don’t have time to figure out how to use a mini wrist computer. It’s supposed to be intuitive like the rest of Apple’s products. I’m supposed to be able to open the box and automatically know how to use it. The hardest part of the process should be choosing the model that best suites me. This so called “watch” only has 18 hours of battery life so I must charge it daily or then I’d have to become a caveman again and revert back to my Timex A.K.A my stupid watch. Apple has effectively rebranded and redesigned their top selling product which is the iPhone and started calling it a watch. I guess the rumors are true. Apple’s creativity died with its founder.