Why you shouldn´t buy an apple watch

Because the phone doesn’t need it own accessories


When phones have their own accessories both vanity and American excess has reached new heights…….or lows.

The new Apple Watch was created to be an extension of your iPhone. But in order for your Watch to function your iPhone must be a model 5 or newer. Meaning that technically it’s not your watch but your phone’s watch. People all around the world are starving, there are droughts in California and Tsunamis wiping out thousands of people, but your only concern is that you must buy an accessory for your overpriced phone. A phone that’s exactly like the model before it except the screen is bigger or the phone itself is flatter. But your narcissistic, must keep up with the Jones (whoever the hell the Jones are) low self-esteem ass must buy a pocket book for your phone. I know we are all materialistic, but the Apple Watch is turning shallowness into the must have item for the spring.