Why you shouldn´t buy an apple watch

Because when the next one debut you´ll feel stupid


Remember when Apple first came out with the iPhone, Ipod, or the i-anything and you ran out and bought one? Then the next model came out less than a year later and made your model look like something out of the stone age. Remember how dumb you felt? THEN STOP FALLING FOR IT EVERY TIME STUPID!

Apple you will not fool us anymore. You will no longer come out with a product and use us as lab mice or some unsuspecting control group to try out your overpriced elitist hardware that you have deemed futuristic. We are people dammit! We were not placed here on Earth for you to Beta test your products. Apple always introduces their new products at shows, that regular people like you and I will never be invited to unless we’re working the concession stands, featuring their CEO as the master of ceremony. At this rock concertesque product roll out we are told about all the must have features that will make our lives better and cause further division between the haves and have not’s. Because either you have this product, or you are poor and anti-technology. Who wants to be poor or be considered anti-technology, which is the equivalent of being in the Taliban right? So we sell our first born, blood or sometimes even our bodies in order to buy the newest i-whatever. Only to have to repeat the entire process over again next year. Well Apple we’re tired of your B.S and we’re not going to take it anymore.