Why you shouldn´t buy an apple watch

Because you have taste


No matter how much these magazines and newspapers try and convince you that the Apple Watch is the must have time piece for the intelligent, refined and sophisticated don’t believe them. When you wear an Apple Watch it says that you are childish, immature and probably play video games all day.

An Apple Watch doesn’t make you look like you have class. It makes you look like you have class, as in being still in school. Listen, the iWatch might be fun to have and a great toy but it will never be the go to time piece for the sophisticated. Your boss will never respect your Apple “timepiece” like he would that Patek Philippe Tourbillion. That is unless your boss is Tim Cook. Do not be fooled, an Apple Watch does not give off the impression that you understand fine time pieces. It will never make the Presidential Rolex obsolete. It will not make all other watches as outdated as a sundial or a an hour glass. The Apple Watch will not do any of that. Answering your emails at the dinner table from your wristwatch is not proper dining room etiquette. Nothing says new money or no money like walking into the finest restaurant in town with a mini iPhone on your wrist.