Why you shouldn´t buy an apple watch

Because Samsung will make a better one


Apple may innovate but Samsung will duplicate and usually make it better with cooler apps. We know that these two companies are famous for dueling it out in court over patent infringement, but it’s customer that will ultimately comes out on top.

Apple came out with the iPhone and changed everything. Then our friends at Samsung came out with the Galaxy and changed the iPhone. Galaxy phones are usually better than iPhones allowing the user to do more, have access to better apps and create more personalized features. Apple is a communist nation ran by a dictator while Samsung is Las Vegas ran by a democracy. So when Apple said they were coming out with a watch I couldn’t wait for Samsung or some other company to copy it and make it better. Is that wrong of me? Well it’s the truth, my truth. Competition is what drives innovation. So if you or Apple don’t like it then either lawyer up or get out of the tech business. Whatever Apple’s watch lacks Samsung will fill in the gaps. Then Apple will turn around and come out with a better watch and so on till the buying public has a watch that not only tells time, checks emails and other basic features but can shoot lasers, comes with it’s own drone that can be controlled remotely by the watch and your own personal super model. I love competition.