Why you shouldn´t buy an apple watch

Because it´s like a nagging girlfriend for your wrist


Apple’s new smartwatch was based on the lead designer’s bossy girlfriend. Once you have integrated it into your life it will completely take over every hour of your day. It will then begin to give you advice and suggest things you need to do to make your life better. It’s also high maintenance and will drain you of all your cash.

The new Apple Watch can be likened to a bossy nagging girlfriend. For lack of a better phrase, it’s annoying as hell. The purpose of Apple’s new smartwatch to be an assistant to your iPhone and serve as a notification system that delivers a series of taps to your wrist to let you know when you have received a Tweet, a message on Facebook, emails, etc. The watch also has the nerve to tell you when you’ve been sitting for too long. It will then suggest, more like command you, to stand, go for a walk or to exercise. It’s like the watch won’t love you for who you are. After it gets to know you it’ll become tyrannical and try to change you. Do yourself a favor don’t get an Apple Watch. It may be beautiful when you first see it, but it’ll completely ruin your life. It’s clingy, hence the many different bands, and needy, because it needs and iPhone in order for it to work. The designers were trying to communicate to the public through symbolism telling you not to get the watch. We just have to be smart enough to see the message that they were trying to convey.