Why you shouldn´t buy an apple watch

Because the NSA wants you to buy one


Don’t be fooled, the Apple Watch is nothing more than another tracking device created by Apple and their friends at the NSA. The watch is supposed to record everything that’s going on around you as well as to take you picture every time you look at the face to check the time, your emails etc. Big Brother is watching…..Apple Watching.

I usually don’t take unsolicited advice from homeless guys sleeping in the park. But Stew was different. He claims to have worked for the NSA at one time and that he was homeless by choice, because that way the NSA couldn’t bug his house. His theory was that they can’t bug what you don’t have. Crazy as hell but true. It was Stew’s body odor that first caught my attention, but it was what he had to say that held it. He told me that the NSA and Apple had partnered years ago to create a device that could constantly gather personal information. The problem with a phone is that people are always putting it in their pockets, pocketbooks or leaving it somewhere. So they came up with the idea to create a watch. Watches are perfect because they are ubiquitous, people often wear them all day and they don’t draw any attention. They can also easily record the conversations and take pictures of unsuspecting targets .Who are these targets? We are. Stew might not be all there but what he said made a lot of sense. Just something to think about before you go out and spend money on a device designed to gain unlimited access to our lives.