Famous Latinos And Their Pets

Demi Lovato


The pop star’s dog Oliver is so popular that he even has an unofficial Twitter page (@itsOliverLovato). Yes, we think he deserves it! When news broke that Demi Lovato was adopting, gossip sites went into a frenzy. All rumors came to rest when Demi took to twitter with a picture of her new rescue puppy, Oliver! Move over Wilmer Valderama, someone else has just stolen the “Skyscraper” singer’s heart! The pup’s eyes light up as much as Demi’s do when the two are spotted together. It’s so easy to tell how great of a pair these two are.

The 22-year-old has had pet pups in the past, but Oli is like no other! Not only was he welcomed with arms wide open to the Lovato family, but he also got his own Twitter page! You can find all of Oliver’s thoughts about toys and digging on twitter.com/itsOliverLovato! This dog is living large!.