Famous Latinos And Their Pets

Selena Gomez


While Selena has been looking after Baylor, the dog is said to be both Selena and Justin’s and the couple are thought to have adopted the pup from an animal rescue centre in Winnipeg on October 14.

When Jelena was still alive and thriving, the off and on couple adopted an adorable puppy while vacationing in Canada. Selena and now ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber adopted Baylor, the blue-eyed heartstopper! Maybe they hoped that adopting a rescue pup would keep their relationship on a steady wavelength. As much as we would like to believe that he did, the two broke up for good a year later.

Rumor has it that since then, Baylor has been under Selena’s care since Justin went on a worldwide tour. We’re sure that with owners as famous and wealthy as Sel and Justin, he will be well off for the rest of his days!.