Christina Aguilera: A Classy Latina


When you think of a polarizing figure such as Christina Aguilera, you’re either Team Christina or Team Anyone But Christina, with no fence-riding allowed. That’s because Aguilera has gone through quite a few mishaps and public meltdowns in the past decade, and rather than humility, she continues to flash that slightly-contemptuous smile that you know means, “Eff you, I’m rich and pretty and you’re not.” So in celebration of this cultural icon’s many moments of ‘class,’ here are some of her highlights.

“Dirrty” Video

christina aguilera dirtySOURCE

Remember when Aguilera was just a cute moppet on that Mickey Mouse show with Mr. Justified himself, Justin Timberlake and soon-to-be-a-trainwreck Britney Spears? Well, it was hard to see any of that innocent cuteness when the “Dirrty” video premiered in 2002. Gone was the impishly-adorable Christina, replaced by a young woman who really didn’t want to keep her clothes on, and liked to caress herself. A lot. Grinding, bumping, thrusting and any other descriptive word ending in ‘ing’ you can think of was featured in this video. Banned in Thailand for its allusion to underage sex workers, this remains a new high (or low) in ‘Xtina’s’ musical history.