Terrible Early 2000s Latina Fashion Disasters

Reinvention is one of the hallmarks of the digital age. At no other time in our history has it been possible to transform one’s image and reputation faster than you can today, when social media and instant communication have the power to change minds overnight. And that’s a good thing when you take a look at some of the Latina hotties on this list, who probably don’t want a reminder of the horrible outfits they wore back in the early 2000s. So, enjoy this flashback to some truly awe-inspiring fashion no-nos.

Mariah Carey – NBA Jersey


Carey’s got the pipes, no doubt, and she’s managed to stay relevant for more than two decades in the music business, which is a minor miracle, but this ensemble was not one of her best fashion decisions. At the 2003 NBA All-Star Game, Carey belted out the National Anthem in this Washington Wizards long jersey that she probably thought was hip and cool at the time, but it just didn’t work. This was during the time when the retro-jersey look was at its height, with guys rocking jerseys as a substitute for actual shirts, some even going as far as to believe that Casual Fridays meant Casual Jersey Day.

The retro jersey look always made guys look like they were stuck in some infantile stage of development in which sports was their religion. By trying to duplicate this look, Carey just seemed like a poseur who was trying to jump on the latest trend. But, her body at that time was smoking hot, so give her props for being in top shape