How To Throw the Perfect Latino Wedding

Latino weddings aren’t just about a man and woman getting married. They’re about two families coming together with the bride and groom as the focal points. That’s why these weddings are big, party-style affairs, that are often more raucous, fun, and memorable than more traditional weddings in western culture. So if you’re about to mount your own Latino wedding, here’s what you’re going to need to make it authentic.




Before you can even begin to plan everything out, you need to identify all the sponsors who traditionally take on the major expenses associated with a wedding. Sponsors of a Latino wedding are typically uncles, grandparents, or older friends of the family who are deeply entwined in the family and know the bride and groom very well. In Mexico, sponsors are known as padrinos and they not only provide money to pay for the wedding, but they are also seen as wise counselors whom the bride and groom can visit during hard times. There’s no limit on the number of sponsors, but in most weddings, six padrinos are enough to cover many of the ‘big ticket’ items, without offending anyone.