U.S. Conspiracy To Make Latinos Stupid


It seems as if wherever you turn these days, La Raza is not doing as well as white kids when it comes to excelling in school. That shouldn’t be the case, because Latinos are just as smart, capable and teachable as Caucasians, but there appears to be some disconnect between instructors and students in the classroom, and things have to change, or Hispanics in the U.S. will take to the streets to demand their educational rights. So what’s the problem? Well, it feels as if there is a nationwide conspiracy to keep the browns down, and here’s why there’s a concerted effort to keep Latinos stupid.

So Latinos Won’t Keep Outsmarting the U.S.


Donald Trump lit the immigration flame when he said that Mexicans coming across the U.S. border were making America ‘look stupid’ by evading the Border Patrol and continuing to find new opportunities in the U.S. cleaning toilets and picking fruit. So, it’s no wonder that Americans want to keep Latinos stupid, because if the country educates them, then legal Mexicans will conspire with illegal Mexicans to take over the entire border and trigger anarchy throughout the U.S. The government simply can’t allow documented Latinos to render aid and support to their brethren who are immigrating into this country through illicit means. So, they send the worst teachers to Latino neighborhoods, knowing that these incompetent instructors will keep the collective IQ low.

It’s funny how Trump never thinks about how dumb he sounds with his bombastic statements about Latinos. Someone should double check his college records to ensure that he really attended an institution of higher learning, because his rhetoric is befitting of someone who never got a good education