U.S. Conspiracy To Make Latinos Stupid

So Latinos Are Happy To Keep Cleaning Donald Trump’s Toilet


According to “The View” guest-host Kelly Osbourne, if Donald Trump’s desire to have all undocumented Mexicans comes true, there will be no one left to scrub Trump’s toilets. Yes, the British chick really said something that stupid on live TV, then tried to backtrack with a lame, “You know what I meant,” and most Latinos are like, “Yeah, we know what you meant, because you just said it.” But it does bring up another reason Latino classrooms are deliberately kept stupid. If students realized they could actually grow up to be lawyers, doctors and accountants just like everyone else in America, they wouldn’t want to take a dirty toothbrush and scrub Trump’s marble and glass bathroom. And the U.S. just can’t have that kind of ambition in Latinos, no way Jose. Someone has to clean those toilets, and it better be a Latino, preferably a good Mexican who scaled the invisible wall between America and Mexico to have the opportunity to beautify a rich man’s toilet.

Now here’s an interesting factoid that may shed some light on Kelly Osbourne’s dimwitted comment. According to The College Dropouts Hall of Fame, Osbourne did not earn a high school diploma, which means she’s a dropout, and which further means that she has a lot in common with the Latino kids that the U.S. hopes will never graduate. No wonder Osbourne makes foolish statements, she’s not very well educated